All vehicles benefit from regular servicing, regardless of age, type or driving use.

A service is more than just an oil and filter change; it’s also about checking the condition of all fluids and other components, such as drive belts, brake pads and spark plugs, so that you can plan for expected maintenance rather than waiting for the car to breakdown or fail a WOF. It is usually much cheaper and more convenient to replace items or change fluids before they fail – when fluids get to the end of there service lifethey start to damage rather than protect the components that rely on those fluids.

Ideally a car should be serviced every twelve months or 10,000 to 15,000km. Extending service intervals beyond 15,000km leads to sludge build up in the oil and engine which can lead to expensive repair costs. A Full Service usually costs less than a year’s registration or insurance and adds a tangible benefit to your car.

Take advantage of our range of car servicing options for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Select our:

Full Service to obtain the ultimate car servicing package for your vehicle.

Standard Service to secure the essential car servicing package for your vehicle.

We can also complete your cars service to the vehicle manufacturer’s specific service schedule which is particularly beneficial if the car is still under warranty.

By having your car serviced by Auto Super Shoppe Maidstone, you’ll have a good understanding of recommended maintenance issues specific to your car and receive the benefit of our 12 month guarantee on new parts and labour.

If you don’t know which car servicing option is right for you, don’t panic – the best thing to do is to come in and see us.  We’ll look at how you use your car and its service history, and then recommend a car servicing option just for you.

You will find Auto Super Shoppe Maidstone particularly convenient for automotive service, WOF  and repair if you live or work around the following areas:

Upper Hutt, Trentham, Silverstream, Stokes Valley, Totara Park.